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South Western Territories

Earl of Dansing, The Lord Obai

Colours: Blue over White
Sigil: The cat

They say the Obai’s chose the cat as it sigil because of the cat’s aboard their ships. Others say its because they were domesticated by The Paige Lineage. A thousand years ago Lord Felrine Obai was wounded mortally in the battle for Dansing pass, as he lay bleeding on the rocky slopes a large black cat came and spoke to him. Telling of the great house he would found, the cat licked his wounds magically healing them. Felrine, took the cat as his houses sigil and returned home to build the greatest lineage in one tousand years.

Lesser houses

House Umber

Colours: Quarterd Blue and white.
Sigil: Hammer of the maker.

House Birch

Colours Paly Green and White
Sigil: A Black Tree Leaved

House Ganda

Colours: Coal Grey and Sea Green Halved hoizontaly
Sigil: Golden Sun Rays abound

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